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Sibshop Ireland offers support for siblings of children with intellectual disabilities, medical and additional needs through both virtual and in-person Sibshop Workshops.They also offer support to parents and teachers through Information Seminars.

What is a sibshop?

Sibshop Workshops are fun workshops for siblings of children with special needs.
As well as having lots of fun it provides a great opportunity for siblings to get together and chat about some of the difficulties and the positives of having a brother or sister with additional needs.
The workshops run for 2 ½ hours and are aimed at children aged between 8-12 years. A maximum of 10 children is recommended in a group as we find this works best in order to give all the children a chance to contribute to the discussions and games.Siblings of children with special needs are special too. They experience similar joys and concerns as their parents yet have fewer opportunities to gain access to support. Sibshop Workshops offers them fun and the support they deserve.



Liz Fitzpatrick
Sibshop Facilitator
Liz is a qualified Registered General Nurse and AMI Montessori teacher. Her interest in special education and inclusion led her to work in an organisation with children with special needs where she has worked for over 25 years.
She has extensive experience supporting children with special needs in mainstream school. She also provides advice and support for parents, teachers and SNA's.
Liz is also a Parents Plus Facilitator of the Adolescent Programme and Parents Plus Special Needs Programme.


Linda Foley
Sibshop Facilitator
Linda is a qualified Registered General and Paediatric Nurse. Her passion was always with children with disabilities which led her to her current role as Early Services Manger (CNM2).
Linda focuses on supporting families of new-born children with disabilities and guiding them through their early childhood. She also manages a Specialised Preschool for children with an intellectual disability under Tusla regulations.
Linda is also a facilitator of Parents Plus Early Years, Children’s Programme and Parents Plus Special Needs Programme. Additionally, she is a First Aid Responder.


Sibshop Workshops are booked through Support Groups and Organisations.Clients include:


"Just a message to say thanks so much to Linda and Liz for such an amazing programme today! It meant the world to Sophie and us all as a family. I can't thank you enough. Sophie has a different mindset on it all she doesn't feel alone. It is a massive deal as other children are in the same shoes as her. She loved it from start to finish, from fun games to opening up on serious topics. She felt 100% comfortable and has been beaming all evening." - Emily O'Dwyer (parent)

"All three of the boys got so much from the Sibshop and so good for them to hear other children's stories. Look forward to more in the future, it is truly amazing work you do." - Joanne (parent)

Contact US

To book a Sibshop in Ireland you can contact either Liz or Linda below.Liz:
e: liz.mckone@hotmail.com
p: 0868155194
e: lindfoley@gmail.com
p: 0876847630